Badfish 9'0 MVP

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The Badfish Mountain Valley Paddleboard (MVP) 9’0” is a stable, yet fierce river runner that provides a great platform for novice and experienced paddleboarders. Featuring a kayak style chine that provides more forgiveness in eddy turns and ferries, the MVP 9’0” provides a stable platform even in the most hectic of circumstances. The high-volume nose cuts through water while the hull shape helps to shed water easily from the board keep you up and ready to hit another wave. 

The MVP 9’0” stand up paddleboard uses an Innegra Glass Krypto-Mat construction using a stringer-less, high-density EPS core hand laminated with a blend of pure Innegra and fiberglass cloths and topped with an epoxy resin for an incredible impact resistance.


9'x 35" x 8"